Receive Your Pineal Gland Attunement Gift

My free gift to you is a Tuning Fork Pineal Gland Attunement. Thank you for checking out this offer. I know there is the extra step of contacting me, but it is well worth it.


How this works…

Over the phone or by Skype, in 30 minutes of your time we will chat a bit, and proceed with the attunement.  I sound a specific tuning fork for you to hear, and  intuitively move the tuning fork to energize and balance your energy field and the pineal gland itself. I will also speak a visualization for you to use, if you choose.


It does work!

This attunement works amazingly well remotely. In fact, I was very skeptical about doing attunements virtually. However, my test runs were met with rave reviews; recipients have consistently mentioned effects that are positive and profound; and these effects match what I experienced in delivering the attunement.


Why is the pineal gland important?

The pineal gland, cradled by the brain in the middle of your head, experiences distress from environmental pollution, fluoride, certain foods, and the hectic, over-stimulated lives we live. Its normal fluid state hardens with this stress.

The pineal gland has several very important jobs which this calcification disrupts. The gland produces chemicals that our body needs; one is melatonin, a sleep regulator, and another is DMT, necessary for proper functioning in many areas of life.  DMT also aids our ability to make spiritual connections.

This important gland receives and transmits light for the body; and sends information to the pituitary gland for its proper functioning.


Why would you want a pineal gland attunement?

To be at your best, take care of your pineal gland. This Pineal Gland Attunement is a free gift to you, and only takes 30 minutes of your time.

This attunement can also help you make “breakthroughs” in both physical and spiritual ways.


Contact me at for this gift, and put in the subject line: Gift of Attunement.


Testimonials for Pineal Gland Attunements:

“Receiving a Pineal Gland Attunement and bonus Therapy from Carol Gailey right before presenting a large 3-day training retreat was one of the best decisions I made for myself. I had been experiencing vertigo along with the normal nerves and anxieties of presenting on stage for 3 full days and Carol’s attunement truly created an opening, release and overall calming. Carol is such a gentle spirit and this energy infiltrates all of her work. I highly recommend Carol for true, deep healing every day as well as before major events and happenings.” H.D., NY


“For me, the virtual attunement was amazing. I was able to both visualize and feel the energy moving through me. I was able to ‘see’ words like peace and love throughout the attunement!-very cool 🙂 Later that day, I spent 2 hours cleaning out my garage- something I have been wanting to do for a year!! I felt energized and ready to clear old things! The feeling of needing to clear old things has kept coming back since then… thanks, Carol!” AM.C., PA