Introducing Sound Therapy for Healing

Carol B. Gailey – SoulGlad Coaching, LLC

Certified Master Vibrational Sound Therapist and Teacher, Licensed Spiritual Healer, retired Ordained Minister, Health Coach and founder of SoulGlad Coaching, LLC.

Carol B. Gailey is passionate as she explores healing service. First of all she restores balance in herself, and then shares her therapeutic options with others and on behalf of the world. 



A Place to Begin

Everything has an energy field or an aura. Each moment of our life first of all shows up in our energy field, and then in our physical body. Due to the overwhelming nature of repeating physical and emotional experiences, what the energy field holds usually turns into physical distress, pains, and finally disease and illness.


Where Sound Healing Fits In

Sound therapy vibrates throughout the body most importantly altering our normal frequencies to new ones. Because these variations relieve and release issues from the energy field, they therefore prevent these same issues from turning into physical problems. These similar therapies help the body shift into its own healing process. Physical difficulties already created then undergo changes for the better.


Effects of this Service

Carol’s ability with tuning forks and releasing techniques helps her to assist people suffering from a variety of issues. As we choose to let our issues go, we almost always become freer, can be more creative, and have more energy. Other benefits include an ability to manage stress better, reduce pain, and improve our quality of life. Certainly her services are complementary to, but do not replace, traditional medicine. Therefore, we balance the body’s energy field and find life’s difficulties change or reverse gently and easily.


About Clients

Carol easily serves clients in person, by phone or Skype. Furthermore she instructs others on how to use tuning forks and release blockages. People relax, experience relief and revitalizing after a session with her. “We all deserve the opportunity to live and feel better. We are capable of living extraordinary lives.” Carol B. Gailey of SoulGlad Coaching, LLC can help you reach your maximum potential.



Support for You

Inquire about investing in your best health with facilitation and coaching support from Carol. For a complimentary conversation or to make an appointment, contact her by email: or phone: 859-359-6528