Raves About Carol


“I finally took the opportunity to personally experience Carol’s tremendous gifts. Some part of me had resisted.  Once I at last did, never have I looked back. May I use words like powerful and life-changing to express the exposures to her tuning forks and other special modalities? WOW!!! As a healer in my own rights, I do not use these words lightly.  As such, my unrequested endorsement comes purely from my heart and soul.”  ~C.A.H, Canada


“I have witnessed Carol’s talents a few times and can honestly say I fully benefited from her amazing gift and highly recommend receiving her healing energy!” ~A.M.R., NY


“Working with Carol who is such a loving, accepting and intuitive facilitator was a gift.” ~L.J., KY


“I felt relaxed, safe and very much cared for during the tune-up.”  ~C.P., PA



“I’ve been on a path of healing for 20 years, both giving and receiving holistic healing sessions. I thought I had pretty much discovered all aspects of my “issues”, but I was wrong!

The [Inner Speak] session I had with Carol revealed a layer of unresolved grief that subsequently let to tremendous emotional release, healing and understanding; helping to make me a more forgiving and engaged person with my family, and in turn, a more effective helping professional. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is ready to be more healthy and whole.”~M.G., NY


“Carol’s tuning fork work provided me with safe comfortable feelings throughout; I felt supported and emotionally empowered. She demonstrated a keen sense of professional therapeutic skills, solid knowledge-base and good social boundaries. This was an awesome growth experience. I feel more whole, balanced, purified and cleansed…even my physical injuries seem minimized.” ~W.M.G., KY


“I graciously received a healing session from Carol that GREATLY helped to propel me forward into my now flowing practice. We also worked on some deep stuff that I was very much blind to. So I recommend anyone and everyone to experience Carol’s healing [processes].” ~K.A., CA


Good Feeling

“Thank you so much for the pineal attunement. I have felt more energized. I am also seeing things from a very different perspective – seeing many parts of my life from a more detached place – almost as a watcher rather than in the throes of it all. I love the process – being ‘in it’ as you were playing the tones literally felt like a mini massage across my shoulders and upper back… delicious. It’s like stepping into a wall of sound.

There is something truly magical and powerfully soothing about being enveloped and bathed in sound. It eases the jumbled thoughts in your mind and seems to actually elongate tense contracted muscles. The top of my shoulders and back of my neck felt measurably looser after our short session.

If you are looking for a powerfully soothing and energizing experience I highly recommend that you contact Carol Gailey. She works magic with sound.” ~S.K.A., NY


“For me, the virtual attunement was amazing. I was able to both visualize and feel the energy moving through me. I was able to ‘see’ words like peace and love throughout the attunement! – very cool:) Later that day, I spent 2 hours cleaning out my garage- something I have been wanting to do for a year!! I felt energized and ready to clear old things! The feeling of needing to clear old things has kept coming back since then… thanks, Carol!” ~AM.C., PA